Gearless Automobile

The Gearless Automobile was an unusual American automobile made with a grearless transmission. The transmission did not use a flywheel or clutch. Instead the gearless transmission used friction wheels for forward and reverse.

1908 Gearless Automobile Greyhound Roadster
1908 Gearless Automobile – Greyhound Roadster

The Gearless Transmission Co. produced this car in 1907 and 1908. Then there was a name change to The Gearless Motor Car Co. in 1908 and 1909. The factory was located in Rochester, NY. Owners included I. L. Fairbanks, John W. Breyfogle and L. A. Burleigh.

1908 Gearless
1907 Gearless Automobile

In 1907 Gearless automobiles were produced as a Model-50, Model-60 and a Model-75. The number standing for the horsepower of the four cylinder engine. In 1908 a Gearless produced a 60 horsepower touring car and Greyhound roadster. Plus a Great Six 75 horsepower touring car and Greyhound Roadster. In its last year (1909) Gearless produced 12 different automobiles.

Gearless Transmission
Gearless Transmission

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