Izzer – Model Gas Engine Works

1911 Izzer

The Izzer was so named because the man who ordered it wanted an up to date custom built American automobile with all the modern improvements. Dr. H. H. Bissell of Watseka, Illinois took his auto building ideas to the Model Gas Engine Works in Peru, Indiana and commissioned the Izzer. E. A. Myers, the owner of The Model Gas Engine, was so enthused with the vehicle that he built two more. One for himself and the other for Model office manager, James Littlejohn. Of the three cars built only the one in The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum exist today. It is the Izzer built for Dr. Bissell. The orginal price was set at $1995.

1911 Izzer Roadster
1911 Izzer Roadster

The 1911 Izzzer Roadster featued a Model Gas four cylinder engine that developed 20 horsepower. It had a 99 inch wheelbase that was comparable to the popular Ford Model T.

1911 Izzer Roadster
1911 Izzer Roadster

American Racing Custom Wheels

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