Thomas B. Jeffery Company

A bicycle manufacturer in Kenosha, WI built this American Automobile from 1914 to 1917. Known as the Jeffery it was the product of The Thomas B. Jeffery. This company later became part of Nash Motors, American Motors and Chrysler. In the later 1800s Jeffery experimented with an American Automobile called the Rambler. The first Rambler was a highwheeler buggy type with tiller steering. From 1902 to 1908 Thomas Jeffery produced 1,000 of Ramblers for the American market. In 1910 the owner died and his two sons then rebranded the company and the Rambler under the Jeffery name in 1915. By 1917 Charles Nash purchased the Jeffery company and renames the company after himself.

1914 Jeffery Roadster
1914 Jeffery Roadster

Jeffery production included roadsters and touring cars. A three passenger Jeffery four roadster sold for $1,000. It was equipped with a four cylinder engine that developed 40 horsepower.

1914 Jeffery Touring Car
1914 Jeffery Touring Car

This 7 passenger touring car was equipped with a 48 horsepower four cylinder engine on a 128 inch wheelbase. It sold for $1038.

Asanti Racing Custom Wheels

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