Luverne Automobile Co.

The Luverne was built in Luverne, Minnesota by Fenton and Ed Leicher under the company name of Leicher Bros. They built wagons starting in 1893 and American automobile under the the name of Luverne Automobile Co. beginning in 1903. These high priced hand made luxury cars were built up to 1917 due to world war I.

1903 Luverne Touring Car
1903 Luverne Touring Car

Not long after the Leichers finished their first in 1903, they began building a variety of special order vehiches, sleeper cars, race cars, hearses, heavy roadsters, police cars and a rugged 50 horsepower car called the Montana Special. The very large Montana Special had a 126 inch wheelbase and sold for $3,000. It was advertised as a car for the mountains.

1911 Luverne Touring Car
1911 Luverne Touring Car

In 1915 The Luverne Automobile Company built a special all aluminum speed roadster for inventer Charles A. Balton. It was equipped with a four cylinder engine that developed 110 horsepower. This car was designed to go 150 miles per hour.

1915 Luverne Special Speed Roadster
1915 Luverne Special Speed Roadster

Center Line Custom Wheels

Other American automobiles beginning with the leter L

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L. & E. – Lundelius & Eccleston Los Angeles, CA 1922-1931
Lanpher – Lanpher Motor Buggy Co. Carthage, MO 1909-1912
La Petite – Detroit Automobile Mfg. Co. Detroit, IL 1905
La Salle – Cadillac Motor Car Co. Detroit, MI 1927-1940
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Lauth-Juergens – Lauth-Juergens Co. Chicago, IL 1907-1910
Lauth-Juergens – Lauth-Juergens Motor Car Co. Fremont, OH 1910
La Vinge (see JPL)
Law – Law Automobile Corp. Hartford, CT 1905
Lawter – Lawter Shredder Co. Newcastle, IN 1909
Leach – Leach Motor Car Co. Los Angeles, CA 1920-1923
Leader – Columbia Electric Co. McCordsvILe, IN 1905-1906
Leader – Leader Mfg. Co. Knightstown, IN 1906-1912
Lenawee – Church Manufacturing Co. Adrian, MI 1903-1904
Lende – Lende Automobile Mfg Co. Minneapolis, MN 1902-1909
Lenox – Lenox Motor Car Co. Jamaica Plain, MA 1911-1914
Lenox – Lenox Motor Car Co. Boston, MA 1914-1918
Leon Rubay (see Rubay)
Lescina – Lescina Automobile Co. Newark, NJ 1916
Lewis – Lewis Cycle Co. Philadelphia, PA 1898-1902
Lewis – Lewis Motor Co. Racine, WI 1913
Lewis – L.P.C. Motor Car Co. Racine, WI 1914-1916
Lewis Airomobile – Lewis American Airways Inc. Rochester, NY 1937
Lexington – Lexington Motor Co. Lexington, KY 1909-1910
Lexington – Lexington Motor Co. Connersville, IN 1911-1913
Lexington – Lexington-Howard Co. Connersville, IN 1914-1918
Lexington – Lexington Motor Co. Connersville, IN 1918-1928
Liberty – Liberty Motor Car Co. Detroit, MI 1916-1924
Light – Light Motor Car Co. Detroit, MI 1914
Lincoln (1) – Lincoln Automobile Company Lincoln, IL 1906-1908
Lincoln (1) – Lincoln Motor Vehicle Co, Lincoln, IL 1908-1909
Lincoln – Lincoln Motor Car Works Chicago, IL 1911-1914
Lincoln – Lincoln Motor Car Co. Detroit, MI 1914
Lincoln – Lincoln Motor Co. Detroit, MI 1920 to date
Lindsley – J.V. Lindsley Dowagiac, MI 1908-1909
Lindsay – J.V. Lindsley Dowagiac Motor Car Co. Dowagiac, MI 1908
Lion – Lion Motor Car Co. Adrian, MI 1909-1912
Liquid Air – Liquid Air Power & Automobile Co. Boston, MA 1901-1902
Little – Little Motor Car Co. Flint, MI 1912-1915
Littlemac – Thompson Motor Corp. Muscatine, IA 1930-1931
Locomobile – Locomobile Co. of America, Westboro, MA 1899-1900
Locomobile – Locomobile Co. of America, Bridgeport, CT 1900-1929
Logan – Logan Construction Co. Chillicothe, OH 1903-1908
Lone Star – Lone Star Motor Truck and Tractor Corp. San Antonio, TX 1920-1922
Loomis – Gilbert J. Loomis, Westfield, MA 1896-1897
Loomis – Loomis Automobile Co. Westfield, MA 1901-1903
Loomis – Loomis Auto Car Co. Westfield, MA 1903-1904
Lord Baltimore – Lord Baltimore Motor Car Co. Baltimore, MD 1913
Lorraine – Lorraine Automobile Mfg. Co. Chicago, IL 1907-1908
Lorraine – Lorraine Motors Corp. Grand Rapids, MI Detroit 1920-1922
Lost Cause – Lost Cause Motors LouisvILe, KY 1963-1964
Lowell – Lowell-American Automobile Co. Lowell, MA 1908
Lozier – Lozier Motor Co. Plattsburg, NY 1905-1910
Lozier – Lozier Motor Co. Detroit, MI 1910-1917
L.P.C. (see LeWI)
Luck Utility – This car was a short-lived vehicle with an unknown manufacturer 1913
Lunkenheimer – Lunkenheimer Motor Vehicle Co. Cincinnati, OH 1902
L.W.C. – Columbia Taxicab Co. St. Louis, MO 1916
Lyman – C.F. Lyman, Boston, MA 1903-1904
Lyman & Burnham – Lyman & Burnham, Boston, MA 1903-1904
Lyons-Atlas – Lyons-Atlas Co. Indianapolis, IN 1912-1915