Noma Motors Corporation

The Noma was an American automobile designed and built in New York City, NY. The factory was located at 155 Avenue D on the lower east side and was a subsidiary of the Walton Body Company. About 300 Noma’s were produced by this company from 1919 to 1922. The noma was a distinctive car with lots of style.

1919 Noma Roadster
1919 Noma Roadster

Specifications included a Delco starting and lighting, 128 inch wheel base, Timken axles, six cylinder engine that develops 55 horsepower and three speed selective type transmission.

1919 Noma Roadster
Vintage Noma Roadster Photo’s

Noma series no. 3C production included a $2,000 Speedster, $2,100 Foursome, $2,200 six passenger touring car and a large $3,000 sedan.

1919 Noma Roadster
Vintage Noma Roadster Advertisements

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