Oakland Motor Car Company


From 1909 to 1932 the Oakland automobile was a product of The Oakland Motor Car Co. in Pontiac, Michigan. The company was owned by Edward M. Murphy (Pontiac Buggy Co.) and Alanson P. Brush (designed early Cadillacs). By 1908 Brush was no longer with Oakland. In 1909 Edward Murphy died but not before joining Billy Durants General Motors. The car with a conscience was the Oakland slogan.

The first Oakland was a Model A with a four cylinder engine on a 98 inch wheel base. In 1909 a two cylinder model 20 was made on 112 inch wheel base. By 1910 all Oaklands were four cylinder engine cars. In 1914 a model 6-60 with a six cylinder engine was put on the market. These were very large cars on a 130 inch wheel base. Runabouts, roadsters, coupe and touring cars were made.

Oakland Sedan
1931 Oakland Sedan

Oakland cars of the 1920 were called Greater Oakland Sixes and All American sixes. In the 1930s Oakland automobiles were made with V-8 engines on 117 inch wheel base. The 1930s produced some of the best looking Oakland cars. However, production stopped in 1931.

1932 Oakland Roadster
1932 Oakland Roadster

Foose Custom Wheels

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