Convertibles – Sunshine Specials

Convertibles – Sunshine Specials. In the early days of the American Automobile all were open models or touring cars and roadsters. Ford’s first closed body style arrived in 1908. However, all Chevrolets were touring cars or roadsters until about 1918. Other companies followed Ford and Chevrolet. Today the commonly held definition of a convertible is that an automobile’s top had to be permanently attached to the framework, the windshield was fixed and the side windows must roll up. This definition did not fit Chevrolet cars until 1928.

1918 Chevrolet
1918 Chevrolet Touring Car

By 1924 10 million Model T’s were produced by Ford. Many were convertibles or touring cars and roadsters with removeable tops. The typical Model T auto was marketed for the common man or women. In 1926 a runabout with a convertible top was priced at just $290.00. The last T rolled off the line on May 26, 1927.

1932 Packard Convertible
1932 Packard Convertible

Sturdy, stylish and brimming with value convertibles helped automobile manfacturers make it through the Great Depression. The 1932 Packard Convertible remains one of the most majestic Packard model ever produced. This Packard convertible gave customers an appearance of grace and security at high speeds.

1959 Ford Skyliner
1959 Ford Skyliner

The Skyliner with a retractable hardtop roof was a first for a convertible. They were made by Ford in 1957, 1958 and 1959. The retractable hardtop roof mechanism was unique to Ford.

1961 Lincoln Continental
1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible

This 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible was the world’s only four door convertible made at the time. It had a classic look, award winning styling and the top could be lowered into the trunk by just pulling a handle. And it only took about one minute to store.

1965 Chevy Chevelle Convertibles
1965 Chevrolet Chevelle

1964 was the first year for Chevelle. The 1965 Chevelle shown here was an intermediate class of GM cars. The series were produced as a base 300, Malibu and the sporty Malibu SS. One could purchase a convertible in the Malibu and Malibu SS series.

Nothing matches the freedom and excitement of driving down the highway with the top down on a Summer day. It is precisely that feeling of freedom that made convertibles so popuar ever since their first introduction. So drop that top and go.

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