Tucker 48 Torpedo

The Tucker 48 and sometimes called the Tucker Torpedo is an American Automobile produced in small numbers from Chicago, Illinois. Preston Thomas Tucker was the American automobile designer and businessman behind the Tucker 48. Prior to forming the Tucker Car Corporation, Preston Tucker worked at Dodge, Ford and Studebaker, mainly in sales. In the 1930s Tucker was interested in race cars and designed the Tucker Combat Car and the Tucker Gun Turret.

1948 Tucker
1948 Tucker

After World War II, the consumers was ready for totally new car designs after years of early 1940s automobiles. This provided a great opportunity for Preston Tucker and he formed The Tucker Car Corporation and built this awesome American automobile. Tucker began designing his new car in 1944. Due to negative publicity initiated by the news media the Tucker 48 was only produced for one year, 1948.

1948 Tucker
1948 Tucker

The Tucker was a four door sedan with a 334.1 cubic inch rear engine that was rated at 166 horsepower. It used a Tucker designed automatic transmission on a 128 inch wheel base. Some of the Tucker features were ahead of their time including the directional third headlight that would activate at steering angles greater than 10 degrees and would light the car’s path around corners. Other features included easy reach instrument panel, padded dash and a shatterproof glass windshield.

1948 Tucker
1948 Tucker

Rota Custom Wheels

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