Xenia Cyclecar

The Xenia was a cyclecar designed by P. E. Hawkins. This small two passenger tandem cyclecar was built in a town by the same name in Ohio. The Xenia was equipped with a V-twin two cylinder engine, epicyclic gearbox and a belt drive. However, this cycle car was priced at $395 and about 25 cars were made in 1914.

1914 Xenia Cyclecar
1914 Xenia Cyclecar

1914 Xenia Cyclecar
1914 Two Passenger Cyclecar

About 125 different Cycle Cars were produced in the United States from 1910 to 1916. These American automobiles were extremely light weight and many were equipped with motorcycle engines, wheels and tires. Most could go a long distance on a tank of gas.

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Only this cyclecar is known.

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