Zip Light Car

Zip Light Car. Among the most interesting and practical of the American cyclecars is the Zip hailing from the Zip Cyclecar Company of Davenport, Iowa. Officers of The zip cyclecar were R. W. Phelps (president) S. Decker French (vice president and treasurer) and Frank W. Skinner (secretary). These men produced one of the best cycle cars or light car in American automobile history.

1914 Zip Light Car
1914 Zip Light Car

Features include a 92 inch wheelbase, 40 inch tread, weight 600 pounds and sold for $395.00. The Zip is equipped with a air cooled 45 degrees twin cylinder engine that was rated at 14 horsepower. It has a 3 1/2 inch bore and 4 inch stroke, a Schebler carbureter and Atwater Kent ignition. The Zip Light Car is painted a Brewster green with trimmings being black and nickel plated. The brakes mounted on the rear hubs are of the internal expanding type working on six inch drums.

1913 Zip Cycle Car
1913 Zip Cycle Car

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